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Jutsu/Summons - Custom/Canon: Guide

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Jutsu and Summons

There are many types of jutsu in the Naruto universe and on Naruto Royale. Jutsu are the superpowers created from mental and physical energy inside a shinobi's body. There are 5 basic elements that can be found in jutsu, while non-elemental jutsu are neutral manipulations of chakra. All 5 elements cannot be gained through jutsu or bloodlines. Advanced elements such as Wood or Lava Release are found in specific clans. In addition to 5 basic elements, there are 5 main specialties, and 6 sub-specialties. All jutsu can be derived from the same base rules that make them easy to create on Naruto Royale.


  • Wind Release
  • Lightning Release
  • Earth Release
  • Water Release
  • Fire Release

Main Specialties

  • Ninjutsu
  • Genjutsu
  • Taijutsu
  • Weaponry
  • Kugutsu


  • Sensory
  • Barrier Ninjutsu
  • Kuchiyose
  • Chakra Absorption
  • Medical Ninjutsu
  • Fuinjutsu

Copy and paste the below coding into a new topic in the jutsu forum, fill it out, and then members post jutsu. Staff will then grade the jutsu.
[b]Hand Seals:[/b]


What are the word counts to train? They're simply found below. Genin get a half word count reduction if they're taught by someone else.

  • E-rank: 300 words
  • D-rank: 600 words
  • C-rank: 800 words
  • B-rank: 1000 words
  • A-rank: 1400 words
  • S-rank: 1800 words

Creating and registering jutsu is easily done in the jutsu creation forum. If there are issues, a staff member will share them when reviewing member jutsu. Once members have completed the template and posted in the jutsu forum, a staff member having reviewed an approved jutsu will allow it to be trained at any time. After training is completed, a member should post their jutsu trained in their update topic.

Every rank starts with a gift of 1 free jutsu per each rank that alone can put a person over most canon characters. The ninjutsu specialty also allows some free jutsu at the start if the ability is taken. The free jutsu can be split into 2 lower-rank jutsu per rank if a member doesn't want higher-ranked jutsu (for example splitting a S-rank into 2 A-ranks, splitting 1 A-rank into 2 B-ranks, splitting 2 B-ranks into 4 C-ranks etc).

Genin: 1 D, and 1 C started with. Academy and basic skills free.
Chuunin: 1 D, 1 C, and 1 B started with. Academy and basic skills free.
Jounin: 1 D, 1 C, 1 B, and 1 A started with. Academy and basic skills free.
Elder/A-rank/S-rank/Kage: 1 D, 1 C, 1 B, 1 A, and 1 S started with. Academy and basic skills free.

Jutsu Requirements

All jutsu have specialties, and all jutsu require members to have their specialty to use them unless the jutsu are C-rank. Jutsu that use multiple specialties need all the specialties to be at equal rank for the jutsu if they want the jutsu's rank strength (so having a B-rank specialty members can only use B-rank combos even if one is S-rank).

Jutsu Stats

By default, all custom/canon jutsu have base stats for their rank, and they are INDEPENDENT of character statistics. If approved otherwise, they still have the base stats for their rank.

A/S: Have Elder/A-rank/S-rank stats which are all equal.
B: Have B-rank/Jounin stats which are all equal.
C: Have C-rank/Chuunin stats which are all equal.
D: Have D-rank/Genin stats which are all equal.
E: Have E-rank/Student stats which are all equal.

Characters gain 1 level for JUTSU STATS if their chakra/speed/strength (speed kugutsu/weaponry, strength taijutsu) stat is a level above along with +1 advantage (not applying to physical jutsu), but stat boosts never grow in strength. Contact, self, genjutsu, sensing, kuchiyose, cloning techniques, and clan dojutsu have no speed mainly even if approved otherwise.

Advantages and Boosts

Advantages are what determine if a jutsu defeats another jutsu if their levels are the same, and advantages give more range, speed, power, or extra effects to all jutsu. All these stat boosts are called "advantages" on Naruto Royale and all jutsu should be assumed to be automatically at 6 maximum advantages that can give +6 to each stat if they can be argued to be. Stat boosts will never determine the final outcome of a fight either way. LEVEL increases from E, D, C, B, A-S are not available from custom jutsu. Besides normally disabled jutsu, custom stat boosts never give direct level increases, and they only give advantages.

There are 6 common ways to give jutsu advantages, and a jutsu can only have a maximum of +6 advantages. Canon jutsu that aren't registered each have these advantages if logical such as Body Flicker Technique to increase speed. The only advantage on the site that stacks with stat boosts are mission instinct advantages.

If jutsu are incorrectly perceived as less advantages at an earlier topic, they aren't forced to stay that way.

    These ways mostly give +1 advantage to a jutsu, for a maximum of 6 even for those with 2. All jutsu can be argued to give more advantages for a maximum of 6, and there is simply always a maximum of +6 advantages.
  1. Generic Boosts: Body Flicker Technique, strength increasing techniques, jutsu armor, or clear boosts can give 2.
  2. Elemental Superiority: Water Release beats Fire Release for example.
  3. Cooperation Jutsu: Techniques such as collaboration barriers or combined attacks that are established to require another individual to create a jutsu.
    Example: The Four Violet Flames Formation used by the Sound Four.
  4. 1+1: Chakra/strength/speed give an advantage if a character's rank is above a specific jutsu's.
    Example: Chuunin-level chakra would give a D-rank non-physical specialty jutsu a +1 advantage.
  5. Multi-Specialties: Combining 2+ equal specialties in techniques.
    Example: Combining taijutsu with ninjutsu in Lightning Release Armor.
  6. Derived Jutsu: Lastly, "derived" jutsu that require a prior technique to be learned can give 2.
    Example: Wind Release: Rasenshuriken requires Rasengan and Wind Release: Rasengan to be learned first.

Elemental Superiority:

Wind > Lightning > Earth > Water > Fire > Wind. "Beating" an element with a superior one gives +1 advantage to a jutsu. In other words, facing a "weaker" element gives a jutsu +1 advantage to it's strength. Advanced elements such as Lava Release don't usually have weaknesses. Counterbalancing is when the same 2 elements face each other, and the weaker one can be consumed sometimes to give +1 advantage which replaces the elemental superiority advantage.

  1. Wind beats Lightning.
  2. Lightning beats Earth.
  3. Earth beats Water.
  4. Water beats Fire.
  5. Fire beats Wind.

Juubi/Bijuu level is a stat level not normally achievable except by disabled jutsu or hard canon work. Taijutsu, weaponry, and kugutsu can defeat another person of equal stats if they took the specialty ability.

Stamina Costs

Stamina Pool
All character ranks don't start with any extra chakra than others unless they have more in their stamina stat. EVERY STAMINA RANK has +200 in stamina from the last rank, with academy students having 200 base in stamina. Therefore, if nothing is invested into a stamina stat, a member has 200 stamina.

Advantages: Each +1 advantage permanently gives +100 to stamina pools for the rest of a topic, not increased by clones.

  1. E-rank/Student: 200
  2. D-rank/Genin: 400
  3. C-rank/Chuunin: 600
  4. B-rank/Jounin: 800
  5. A-rank/S-rank/Sannin/Elder: 1000
  6. Bijuu/Juubi: 10000

Base Stamina Costs

  1. E-rank: 10
  2. D-rank: 20
  3. C-rank: 30
  4. B-rank: 40
  5. A-rank: 50
  6. S-rank: 60

Upkeep Stamina Costs

  1. E-rank: No Upkeep
  2. D-rank: 10
  3. C-rank: 15
  4. B-rank: 20
  5. A-rank: 25
  6. S-rank: 30, village-level defenses require collaborators and resting without fighting.

Stamina Recovery
Stamina can be restored artificially through Soldier Ration Pills only. If a member wants to naturally restore their stamina, they can simply rest for 3 posts to restore half as long as they don't fight. Stamina is automatically fully restored upon entering a new topic normally.

Hiden Techniques

If members aren't born in a hiden clan (Yamanaka, Akimichi, Nara, etc.), members require double word count to learn all hiden jutsu and require an initial word count training of 3,000 words forcing a PC to teach members. Dance of the Shikigami and Super Beast Imitating Drawing are the only jutsu in canon that we specially classify as being created hiden; therefore, they require clans to be created.

Registration Limitations

Jutsu don't have "drawbacks" on this site when registering. They instead have requirements. Unrealistically strong jutsu won't be approved in the first place.

There are only 3 types of jutsu that have cool downs on this site. Cool downs never apply until after upkeeps.

  1. Elemental jutsu from the 5 elements or advanced releases.
  2. Hiden (Nara, Yamanaka, etc).
  3. Bloodline (Uchiha, Wood Release, etc) jutsu.

If these 3 types of jutsu are unranked (as most canon clan jutsu are), then they have base cool downs if they aren't registered on the site. All clone techniques share the cool downs of jutsu used by the owner or each other. Every other technique doesn't have a cool down. Ninja usually don't use a lot of the same tactics, or the element of surprise would be lost.

E-rank: 1 post
D-rank: 1 post
C-rank: 2 posts
B-rank: 2 posts
A-rank: 3 posts
S-rank: 3 posts

Jutsu Ranks and Unranked Jutsu

Unranked jutsu are jutsu that aren't ranked on the Naruto wiki. Unranked jutsu can be asked for in the "jutsu creation" forum. Staff will then proceed to rank them in the jutsu creation forum, and if others learn them they can then be found in the updates of others.

For the most part, ranks of jutsu members are interested in can be found on the wiki or in the updates of other people. People can only create so many unranked jutsu to give others a chance, but there's no hard cap until we find a lot of the site jutsu are created by specific people. Ranking unranked jutsu by members allows jutsu to have an increased or decreased power according to site perception and keeps the site member-oriented. Ranking jutsu does not require them to be registered, and staff simply need to be asked to do so.

Jutsu Registration Posting

Custom/canon jutsu need to have topics individually approved in sets of 3 jutsu per 1 topic. Members are encouraged to make topics with only a single jutsu if they'd like. Topics with 3 jutsu should have shortened labels like "Fireball/Rasengan/Chidori" etc. respectively. Note that some specific jutsu might require noting them in a member's signature (such as storage jutsu or passive jutsu). Passive jutsu in particular like attack-on-contact would require clear notice in one's signature.

Jutsu Types

Defensive Jutsu

All defensive jutsu have health stats to protect the user from harm. The health stat of jutsu and characters allows an individual to determine whether they take damage from a jutsu. Stacking defenses (or defensive attacks like Kakashi using Raikiri against Kakuzu elements) isn't possible as a higher-ranking jutsu won't be reduced in strength by multiple defenses but simply the strongest one (including a member's own health stat), and even after a post an offensive jutsu will simply regain it's original strength.

The only exception would be medical ninjutsu techniques or disabled canon cloaks, as they can take away the strength from techniques equal to the amount of advantages above an offensive jutsu they have (like debuffs), and then the health defense is applied. Defensive jutsu or health cannot usually block everything.

Common ways to bypass health

  1. All sorts of contact techniques
  2. Medical Ninjutsu
  3. Fuinjutsu

Clone Techniques

Cloning in Naruto is achieved by splitting physical and spiritual energy into non-flesh copies. Clones haven't been shown undertaking vast journeys in canon besides through Naruto Uzumaki himself. For the purposes of activity, they're limited in their amount (stress) and their distance (again stress). Clones cannot travel outside of the original's land.

  1. Members are able to increase the amount of clones they're able to use by the amount of posts they create on the site, with a member's post count being the amount of clones they can create.
  2. Clones take an initial stamina cost along with the stamina members wish to put into them.
  3. Clones share cool downs with the original.


Summoning on Naruto Royale is achieved by the Summoning Technique or derived jutsu, and brings creatures or items from another area to the user. If somebody registers a species before another member, permission is REQUIRED to use a summon contract possessed by other members, and the summons list is found in unranked jutsu.

  1. Summons are registered as jutsu, and every part of the template needs to be filled. Summons do not get free jutsu and they require a contractor to train jutsu like normal, but afterwards anybody who signs a contract don't need to train that summon's jutsu. Canon and mythological summons are allowed, but again with no free jutsu. Summons don't require hand seals for any jutsu when used by summons, but any custom jutsu made for summons need hand seals registered.
  2. Summons have no chakra or stamina stat and they can only use the base jutsu cost they were summoned with.
  3. Summons are limited by member specialties and can only have jutsu members can already have.
  4. They can't have items and only dojutsu KKG can be implanted into them.
  5. Dojutsu implanted into them will only give 1 jutsu (no passive Sharingan copying for example).

Pets have similar rules to summons, and can always follow members if small size, but members can only have 3 pets, with no summons. Members can only have one contract at a time, and switching contracts disables prior contracts from being used ever again.


Chakra absorption is a debuff specialty, but debuffs aren't limited to that specialty and can all be called "disadvantages". ALL techniques are able to potentially apply "disadvantage" debuffs if arguable, just like normal advantages can be applied to ALL techniques, and they could similarly take away range, speed, power, or any extra effects from jutsu.

Battles will not be determined by stat boosts. Debuffs apply to a member's highest stat. Only after a few posts of contact or with an unresisting opposition can someone have their entire stamina pool absorbed like Killer Bee or against Zetsu - Rinnegan is the only exception. Full chakra suppression is the same debuff here, and would take time.

Examples: Great Shark Water Bullet, Temporary Paralysis Technique.

  • Chakra absorption jutsu costs are always given back per post, when above an opposing jutsu or target's highest stat in advantages of the absorption's same level continuously, along with half of the upkeep cost of a chakra absorption jutsu. In other words, an opponent would lose their stamina equal to half the upkeep of chakra absorption.

    Example: A S-rank chakra absorption technique would absorb 15 stamina from an opponent.

  • Jutsu can't be absorbed at all unless a jutsu has less advantages or level than a chakra absorption technique.
  • Stamina pools aren't restored from chakra absorption techniques if an opposing jutsu or target's health stat isn't on the same level as the chakra absorption technique.
  • For every debuff "disadvantage" past a member's base stat level that has no advantages, -1 full level is removed from a stat. Genjutsu can paralyze and knockout if an individual does not undo a genjutsu that has their stats below student-level or E-rank. Individuals have only the post they're hit by a genjutsu to prevent themselves from falling unconscious to a debuff. Hospitals can remove debuffs or fuinjutsu unless stated otherwise in jutsu registration.

    Example: If a member is hit by a -1 disadvantage with a chuunin-level health stat of no advantages, the stat would become genin-level.

Split Techniques

"Split" techniques are techniques that are split into multiple portions such as multiple water bullets, or simply work on multiple people in a supplementary manner. All techniques that utilize multiple projectiles or portions used on others require a -1 level decrease to their rank depending on how many times the techniques "split". Additionally, all split techniques suffer from a -1 advantage that caps them at 5 advantages.

  • 2-10+ Projectiles: -1 level, -1 advantage.
  • 100+ Projectiles: -2 levels, -1 advantage.
  • 1,000+ Projectiles: -3 levels, -1 advantage.
  • 10,000+ Projectiles: -4 levels, -1 advantage.
  • 100,000+ Projectiles: -5 levels, -1 advantage.

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