Bijuu and Jinchuuriki

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Bijuu and Jinchuuriki

Post by Celestia on Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:13 am

At the moment Bijuu are only released as event rewards or to members who have made a display of outstanding advertising (usually mass PM's.) Activity is also a big consideration. Currently there can only be 2 jinchuuriki on the site at a single time. Bijuu acquired as a result of an event can be stolen while as those acquired by advertising can not.

Bijuu List
Shukaku 1 tails: Magnet Release/Bonus Stats Health
Matatabi 2 tails: Blue Fire (+1 fire element jutsu rank)/Bonus Stats Speed
Isobu 3 tails: Water and Coral Release (+1 rank Coral Defensive Jutsu)/Bonus Stats Health
Son Gokū 4 Tails: Fire, Earth, and Lava Release/Bonus Stats Strength
Kokuō 5 tails: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and Lightning Release/Bonus Stats Chakra
Saiken 6 tails: Water and Acid Release/Bonus Stats Instinct
Chōmei 7 tails: Wind Release and access to wings!/Bonus Stats Speed and Instinct
Gyūki 8 tails: Ink Release/Bonus Stats Strength and Health
Kurama 9 tails: Accelerated Healing and Negative Emotion Sensing/Bonus Stats Speed, Health, and Instinct
Host: Celestia (approved by Temp back when he was here and Franky after he left. I did super mass pming)

Dormant State
The Dormant state is passive state in which a bijuu is sealed within someone and is kinda stuck and not doing anything. In most cases the bijuu has no influence over their host. The two can communicate but unless a relationship has been formed the bijuu will be silent unless a moment of host vulnerability or mortal danger is present. Multiply the number of tails your bijuu has by 100 and that is the amount of chakra added to your chakra pool. Only S-Rank sealing jutsu can seal bijuu chakra and only special approved limited S-Rank sealing jutsu can seal bijuu chakra of the 6 tails and higher.

Tailed Beast Cloak
What appears to be boiling chakra envelops the host taking faint traits of their bijuu. Typically the chakra is red but this is not always the case. Sometimes for example in the case of the two tails the chakra appears to be dark blue. In this mode the bijuu has increased influence over the host and can induce emotions into them. The emotions aren't typically strong enough to completely overwhelm their host but this also depends on the strength of the tailed beast. For example the one tails host might not even notice their bijuu while in this state while as the host of the 9 tails is going to have a very difficult time maintaining control. In this state the host gains a +1 bonus to Chakra, Strength, Speed, Health, Instinct, as well as an additional +1 bonus to the bijuu's bonus stat. In addition for every tail in use the user gains an additional x100 their bijuu's base tail amount. For example dormant state the two tails jin would have a pool of 200 at cloak 1 tail they would have 400 and 2 tails they would have 600. With each tail however the bijuu gets increased emotional control over their host. Without friendship this can be controlled with a 5,000 training post. This word count can contribute towards gaining bijuu friendship.

Tailed Beast Cloak Transformation
At this point the chakra darkens and starts enveloping the users body itself taking on more of the bijuu's traits and their stance. This state only comes about when the bijuu has gained complete emotional control over their host. Chakra per tail remains the same however in this state they gain +2 to the stats with the exception of the bonus stat which remains +1. Hosts can only manually access this form if they have created a friendship with their bijuu.

Partial Transformations
A host who has formed a friendship with their bijuu can partially transform parts of their bodies. They gain the same stat boosts as the tailed beast cloak transformation but without the chakra unless it is tails they form. The exception this is the host of the 7 tails who can form wings at any point however the only stat gain they get is a +1 to speed and only applies while flying. The normal stat boosts are gained after friendship is gained.

Gaining Friendship.
To gain Bijuu friendship you must rp a 10,000 + your bijuu's tails x1000 words topic about you gaining your bijuu's friendship.

Full Transformation
In full transformation you take on the form of your bijuu and all bijuu stats are bijuu level while the bonus stats are god level(I just made it up) Your extra chakra is your bijuu's tails x1000. This form is achieved after a bijuu has taken complete control of a host. If this isn't rped fairly a staff shall take control of your character. Or it can be achieved with a 5k training topic after achieving friendship.

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