Combat RP Guidelines

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Combat RP Guidelines

Post by Celestia on Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:15 am

I'm going to keep this simple because once you have mastered these simple things you can already easily dispatch at least half the peeps on any given site.

Details are the defense and the offence of your post. Screw Jutsu, screw stats, screw specialties. If your details are weak those won't help you at all. A good way to judge if your post is detailed enough is take your post and stick it into real life as in imagine your surroundings changing around you to fit that of your post. If it's empty or only has a few things here or there and you aren't even sure how far anything is then your post needs more work. A strong post is one that feels just as alive as life itself.

Vague Manipulation
Vague Manipulation is the ultimate tool of those who know what they are doing to utterly destroy those who don't. It can sometimes seem unfair but is a vital part of making combat rp possible. To put simply Vague Manipulation is the act of inserting details where none are present. Every site allows different degrees of this. However with the model of Vague Manipulation if there is anything that isn't allowed to be manipulated than it ends up being something can be abused where being vague is actually a good thing that helps you. For this reason the only rule we have on vague manipulation is be logical. If someone walks in and doesn't describe what they are wearing then one can logically assume they are wearing what their app says they normally wear. If someone walks in saying they are looking for a safe spot to hide but doesn't say where or how don't vague manip them into an open field. You can vague manip them into a place that can be interpreted as a safe spot while still bending it to your advantage. Use your creativity and if you don't have any work on developing it. Now if someone walks into a bar and that's it feel free to stick them freaking anywhere in that bar you like. If someone says there are dancing and that is it feel free to make them do the chicken dance as long as it's within logical reason.

Jutsu and Chakra
You don't have to list how much chakra you have left or how much you have used but it is suggested you do so. It'll make staff judgments faster and prevent you from auto losing cuz you didn't actually have the chakra for something. Everyone makes mistakes try and reduce how often it happens.

As for Jutsu any jutsu you use need to have the jutsu's name clearly stated somewhere in your post. You can't use a rasengan and say you made a swirling ball of blue chakra. Either say you use a rasengan in your post or stick it in brackets somewhere. This includes jutsu under upkeep.

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