Minor Nations

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Minor Nations

Post by Celestia on Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:14 am

Land of Rice Paddies Owned by: Nobody

This land is mostly mostly flat with random mountains popping up here and there. It's main commodity is rice from which it's name is derived. This land has been farmed for it's rice since before it was placed on maps.

Ownership Reward: 48 hour interruption time reduced to 24 hours which also speeds up travel

Land of Iron Owned by: Nobody

Once the home of the great and powerful samurai after the fourth great shinobi war they military might never recovered. At one point they had a treaty with the hidden villages that kept them at peace with all of them however a loop hole in the treaty was exploited after the war and the land became ravaged. These days it's home to some of the greatest weapon experts in the world.

Ownership Reward: 30% reduction to weapon related word count requirements

Land of Earth Owned by: Nobody

Once home to the great hidden village Iwagakure over time this land has lost all of its prestige. It has very little history and nobody ever knew much about it. Some theorize this to be the reason behind the residents lack of patriotism and why they all would rather move to other lands with more well known hidden villages.

Ownership Reward: 10% reduction to all word count requirements

Amegakure Owned by: Nobody

It's a small but highly industrialized hidden village located in an unnamed country. As its name suggests, it rains almost constantly in Amegakure and the surrounding area. All the water seemingly ends in a large lake that surrounds the village. The village has a rather edgy nature and for some reason this give it a lot of popularity. Oddly enough the popularity actually brings it more trouble as everyone seems to want to take it over and claim it for themselves.

Ownership Reward: 20% reduction to jutsu related word count requirements

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