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The harsh truth of the matter is people are greedy. Groups of people such as nations are especially greedy. Thankfully minor nations exist to help satisfy that greed. Every minor nation provides a significant bonus to every character within the nation/hidden village that owns that minor nation. In addition capturing a minor nation qualifies as a A-Rank mission and reward the maximum 1 million ryo. Invasion missions do not follow any of the rules of normal missions and rather only follow the rules in this topic. The first example of which is if more than one person complete the mission then the ryo is split between each participating person.

When creating an invasion topic inside a minor nation include the tag [invasion]. The invasion will finish when either 1 week has past and nobody has interrupted or after one week all opponents have been defeated. The minor nation then belongs to the victor. As with all fights on Royale NPC's can not be used to assist. Any number of players may participate in an invasion however after the one week has passed from the topic start nobody new may enter the topic. The minor nation can not be invaded again for one month after the invasion topic ends.

Rather than claiming a minor nation for a nation/hidden village you could also chose to claim it for yourself. The nation's bonus only apply to you and in addition the minor nation generates 500k ryo per week that the nation is owned. However often if your villages discover this you will be declared rogue and a 500k bounty placed on you.

You can use these same rules for taking over major nations/hidden villages however they do not provide ryo or any bonus. Instead you can become the kage of that village.

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