Character Applications: Template

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Character Applications: Template

Post by Celestia on Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:18 am

Character Template

New characters AREN'T POSTED IN THIS TOPIC. You create your own topic and copy paste the completed template below.

The Start

Name: The character's name.
Age: A character's age.
Gender: Male or female.
Rank: Genin, chuunin, jounin, elder, or Kage. Usually, only genin is open unless permission is given otherwise.
Elements: Water, Fire, Wind, Lightning, and/or Earth. Only jounin+ start with 2 unless you have an advanced element. Advanced elements such as Wood Release or Lava Release give 2 elements to start with if you're not jounin, and advanced elements such as Lava or Wood don't count towards an elemental total.
Village: Rogue can't be started with. Konohagakure, Kumogakure, Kirigakure, or Sunagakure. Your canon clan doesn't need to match it's village; Uchiha can be in any village for example.
Clan: N/A, or a canon/custom clan. Clanless get an extra specialty at chuunin.


Appearance: Your character's appearance from head to toe. Color, texture, clothing, and other unique parts of your character. It should be more than a few quality lines and there's increasing staff scrutiny at higher ranks. A picture can be added in addition.
Face Claim: Where your forum avatar originates from in terms of fictional works (like Naruto - Naruto Uzumaki), and more specifically the name of the character from perhaps a particular anime/manga. You can choose to put N/A or none, but the character won't be claimed by you.
Height: Feet and inches, or centimeters.
Weight: Pounds or kilograms.


Personality: Your character's personality from good to evil. Their perspective on the world, others, themselves, their goals, their dreams, and their motivations perhaps. It should be more than a few quality lines and there's increasing staff scrutiny at higher ranks.
Likes: 5 enjoyed or loved things to your character.
Dislikes: 5 hated or despised things to your character.

The Past

History/RP Sample: You can have either a history of how your character grew up or perhaps got their rank, or have a RP sample of how you'd RP your character or past ones. Either way, your history or RP sample will have increasing scrutiny for length and quality depending on your rank. You can add a history to your character after approval.


Copy and paste the below coding into a new topic, fill it out, and then post your character.

[size=24]The Start[/size]



[b]Face Claim:[/b]



[size=24]The Past[/size]

[b]History/RP Sample:[/b]

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